Good news is sometimes hard to come by for poets, and what’s better news than a new book! Celebrate with us as Jason hosts an interview podcast with poets discussing their new books. Each episode is a smart, fun look into the world of poetry. Each guest reads several poems for their new work, and talks about how their books came to be, and how they write the way they do.

Latest Episodes

Lisa Ampleman

Episode 3 is an auspicious meeting of astronomical event and poetry book, as today we feature Lisa Ampleman and her book Mom in Space on the day of the total solar ecl...

Jesse Nathan

Episode 2 features Jesse Nathan, whose first book, Eggtooth, was released last fall from Unbound Edition Press. One poem in the book, “Dame's Rocket,” was selected for...

Cynthia Marie Hoffman

In this premier episode, Jason Gray speaks with Cynthia Marie Hoffman, whose new book, Exploding Head, is a memoir-in-prose poems about her life as a young child and a...

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